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Adequatech David Marceau Sole Proprietorship
EMAIL: loongson@adequatech.ca
Call/SMS: 613.218.7497
84636 5336 RT 0001
⊕since 1990, coding, administrating and integrating systems with a variety of programming languages, operating systems, database systems and network infrastructures
⊕Authorized Bitmain Antminer Bitcoin Mining Equipment Consultant and Reseller. 马大伟是的比特大陆蚂蚁矿机“比特币”计算机顾问和销售人员(Mǎdàwěi shì de bǐtè dàlù mǎyǐ kuàng jī “bǐtè bì” jìsuànjī gùwèn hé xiāoshòu rényuán)
⊕specializes in selling GNU/Linux compatible computer devices(phones or computers) that big stores don't have provides emergency help for GNU/Linux computer devices
⊕teaches people GNU/Linux computer device skills
⊕does Information Technology consulting for businesses using GNU/Linux(web site installation/setup/maintenance)

Service Offering: Bitcoin Mining Setup and Support

What's bitcoin? Bitcoin is a world-wide borderless currency for payment transactions:
  1. the highest value-add for Bitcoin: low to zero Bitcoin processing fees. Bitcoin allows you to store money in a digital or paper wallet at virtually no cost when compared yearly 200$CA Canadian Bank fees. Merchants use Bitcoin system at ZERO cost when receiving revenue. Consumers paying for lunch as an example pay a 0.0001 BTC fee to miners who process the transaction. Bitcoin is more efficient than banks when you compare banks charge the merchant 3% processing fee without mentioning the credit card interest/service fees. Bitcoin helps you to avoid paying for embedded bank/credit card fees like: rent, staff, account fees, wire transfer costs, cheque costs, merchant fees, ATM fees, Overdraft fees. Bitcoin removes the middlemen and make transactions more efficient. Bitcoin is less expensive to use than legacy currencies once introduced within the bitcoin system. Bitcoin usage is disrupting the necessity for banks, insurers, credit cards, payment systems and exchanges. The interim bad news is when moving outside the Bitcoin system, bank-like levels of exchange fees are involved when converting from Bitcoin to legacy currencies and vice-versa but this interim pain will go away as Bitcoin becomes mainstream as the most popular currency for all the right reasons. Over 100,000 merchants now accept bitcoin including Modern Automotive Performance, Dish Network, TigerDirect and NewEgg.
  2. The other high value-add for Bitcoin: government obstruction-proof. If the internet is considered a nation in itself, then it could be fitting to say that bitcoin would be the internet's best form of national currency because governments around the world have less instruments to control bitcoin than legacy mediums of currency. This makes bitcoin highly valuable for doing business when governments unjustifiably try to obstruct normal business transactions. Bitcoin transactions are extremely difficult to obstruct in any country. This value-add more than compensates for the bank-like levels of exchange fees involved when converting from Bitcoin to legacy currencies and vice-versa.
  3. Because bitcoin is open-source software, anyone can contribute to how it works which will spur even more bitcoin innovation disrupting current industry titans even further.
  4. If you prefer watching videos, watch these Bitcoin documentaries

Most exciting are the predictions for increasing value in bitcoin:
  1. 10,000USD value for bitcoin
  2. 50,000USD value for bitcoin

So what are you waiting for? Start mining your own bitcoins! Adequatech can help you with that. Adequatech is an authorized Antminer Canada Reseller. Adequatech can help you to buy the right bitcoin mining hardware(Antminer.ca from Paul Lum) right here in Canada and make electrical wiring recommendations for the amount of hardware you wish to mine bitcoin with. We'll connect your mining rigs to the more popular mining pools:
  1. Bitminter
  2. BTCGuild
  3. GHash.io

SET-UP FEE is 500$CA + H.S.T. which includes one-month world-class support for all your Bitcoin Mining questions. Bitcoin Mining Hardware must be purchased as an additional cost as explained in more detail here. We will also accept the equivalent sum in Bitcoins. Adequatech's Bitcoin Wallet Receive ID:14qp5g3L7r9ivjhpKn2WSKBW5jCC4vvqUs or if you prefer QR Codes, here is our Bitcoin Wallet Receive ID in QR code format:
Adequatech's Bitcoin Wallet Receive ID:14qp5g3L7r9ivjhpKn2WSKBW5jCC4vvqUs in QR Code format
It's that easy from your Bitcoin wallet to ours. We're highly competitive. To book an appointment, EMAIL: email me: loongson@adequatech.caloongson@adequatech.ca or Call/SMS: 613.218.7497.

Service Offering: Replace Microsoft Windows with GNU/Linux

Replace Microsoft Windows with GNU/Linux. Before buying a new computer, consider contacting Adequatech.ca. We provide purchasing advice for your next computing device, be it a tablet, a phone or a desktop computer. We recommend you run your devices with Free and Open-Source GNU/Linux software rather than Microsoft Windows or Apple MAC OS. Let Adequatech.ca show you how GNU/Linux software can help better your digital lifestyle. We will come to your home with a bootable USB stick customized for your current computer. We will boot GNU/Linux on your current computer without tampering any data on your current hard-drive. GNU/LINUX is cool. Use/install/remove digitally-signed tamper-proof GNU/Linux software-packages from secure internet software-repository sources containing a huge variety of software available for free and maintained by the global community of GNU/Linux contributors. Good software for web-browsing, email, business/finance, word-processing, presentations, desktop-publishing, spreadsheets, drawing, photo-editing, video-editing, sound/music editing, 3D/2D animation. Some Steam games run on GNU/Linux.

We will help you with your transition to your new GNU/Linux device. Transition service includes:

  • backup of old device personal data(aka System Administration Support)
  • purchasing advice for your next computing device based on latest hardware usually unavailable in the local stores
  • installation of GNU/Linux(Debian Gnome or Ubuntu Unity) onto your new device
  • configuration of your most frequently used software(aka System Administration Support)
  • Familiarization of your new setup, usage of upgrade-manager and backup(aka System Administration Support)
REMEMBER: Computing devices are built to last 2 years under manufacturer warranties. Expect to backup your personal data on an external device on a regular basis. Replace your internal storage devices every two years.
Our service fee depends on the number of hours you need us to step you through. Minimum Service Fee: 60$CA + H.S.T. We're highly competitive. To book an appointment, EMAIL: email me: loongson@adequatech.caloongson@adequatech.ca or Call/SMS: 613.218.7497.

Service Offering: We can help you with your GNU/Linux I.T. System Customizations

If you need help with your I.T. System, Adequatech can help you get the most bang for your outsourced I.T. Support buck. We have been coding, administrating and integrating systems since 1990 with a variety of programming languages, operating systems, database systems and network infrastructures. Here are some samples of code for gtk, android, ubuntu touch/desktop, web servers and no-sql databases. Minimum Service Fee: 60$CA + H.S.T. We're highly competitive. To book an appointment, EMAIL: email me: loongson@adequatech.caloongson@adequatech.ca or Call/SMS: 613.218.7497.

Service Offering: We can help you with your E-Commerce Web Site Customizations

If you need help with your E-Commerce Web Site, Adequatech can help you. Here is an example paypal "buy now" button e-commerce implementation: Jewellery Travel Bags by Irene Marceau. To book an appointment, EMAIL: email me: loongson@adequatech.caloongson@adequatech.ca or Call/SMS: 613.218.7497.

Docker, Mesosphere and Network Attached Storage

Watch this Mesosphere Demo in order to explain how wonderful mesosphere could be for I.T. Infrastructures everywhere. Network attached storage plays a key role in Docker/Mesosphere which explains why Adequatech recommends one at the end of this blog entry. Learn more about Mesosphere here. The following demonstrates the usefulness of docker and mesosphere.
    This first part installs golang followed by docker:
  • hg clone -u release https://code.google.com/p/go
  • cd go/src/
  • ./all.bash
  • export GOROOT=/home/loongson/go
  • export GOPATH=/home/loongson/Code/go
  • export PATH=$PATH:$GOPATH/bin:$GOROOT/bin
  • go get code.google.com/p/go.tools/cmd/...

    Now install docker:
  • apt-get install docker.io lxc
  • gpasswd -a loongson docker
  • service docker restart
  • apt-get install vagrant virtualbox

    Adequatech.ca has Debian Sid GNU/Linux running. Now let's do something very cool. Let's run 3 other GNU/Linux flavors of linux running within their own containers while Debian is still running using all current ram and hard-drive resources the original Debian Sid has to offer.
  • docker login
  • docker search debian
  • docker run -i -t centos:latest /bin/bash
  • docker run -i -t ubuntu /bin/bash
  • docker run -i -t yijun/kali-open-university /bin/bash
  • docker images

    mesosphere doesn't directly install on debian sid. No problem, let's resort to installing it within a docker wheezy image. The label "debian:latest" points to the latest wheezy with updates.
  • docker run -i -t debian:latest /bin/bash
  • apt-get update
  • apt-get install aptitude
  • sync
  • sync
  • apt-key adv --keyserver keyserver.ubuntu.com --recv E56151BF
  • DISTRO=$(lsb_release -is | tr '[:upper:]' '[:lower:]')
  • CODENAME=$(lsb_release -cs)
  • echo "deb http://repos.mesosphere.io/${DISTRO} ${CODENAME} main" | tee /etc/apt/sources.list.d/mesosphere.list
  • apt-get -y update
  • apt-get -y install mesos marathon

    This part is very important. It takes the debian image and saves all the extra stuff we installed in it and labels it as a committed docker image. After this commit we will always use this instead.
  • ctrl-p ctrl-q
  • docker commit 01b348336969 debian-wheezy-with-mesosphere

    Start the newly committed image. The following command doesn't expose the ports to the outside internet. The fix for that follows later with another switch to the docker run command called "--net host".
  • docker run -i -t debian-wheezy-with-mesosphere /bin/bash

    Start all the mesosphere stuff
  • service zookeeper restart
  • service mesos-master start
  • service mesos-slave start
  • service marathon start

    This shows how to kill that running image
  • docker ps
  • Notice the Container id.
  • docker kill 01b348336969

    This works without fail exposing everything as if it were the host:
  • docker run --net host -i -t debian-wheezy-with-mesosphere /bin/bash
  • service zookeeper restart
  • service mesos-master start
  • service mesos-slave start
  • service marathon start
Now checkout the Mesos console in your browser on port 5050: http://localhost:5050
Now checkout the Marathon console in your browser on port 8080: http://localhost:8080
It's best to configure the firewall within this Debian Wheezy Mesosphere image before exposing it with the "--net" switch. Here is another docker example opening up ports and making data from another directory accessible to this particular image: docker run -i -p 22 -p 8000:80 -m /data:/data -t foo/live /bin/bash
In order to tap into the real power of docker and mesosphere, you will need network attached storage(NAS). As starter gear, adequatech.ca highly recommends the WD My Cloud EX4 with two Gigabit Ethernet ports and two power ports. You can use two power adapters to guard against the case of one of them failing or being pulled out by accident(AKA power redundancy). The server works with just one network port, but by having two, it offers more options for load-balancing and redundancy. Once an NAS is integrated into docker and mesosphere, you may do anything you view in the mesosphere demo, but adequatech would like to highlight the most important features: scale or migrate applications. Check out this NAS comparison and what criteria they used to evaluate NAS device performance. They also show the commands they use to connect the cloud ex4 using nfs/cifs:
Let us be clear NFS is faster than CIFS; docker and linux containers compensate for any security concern within nfs/cifs, but keep in mind adequatech recommends to make the cloud ex4 accessible NOT to the outside world, not to entire servers, but only to specific tasks in specific docker/linux containers on a separated LAN(ENCLAVE).

Applied Micro's X-C1 ARM 64-Bit OCTA-CORE Dev Kit

You can now buy Applied Micro's X-C1 ARM 64-bit OCTA-CORE Dev Kit shipping now. Developer Promo price from APM is 900$US, but then goes back up to 1500$US. That said, this kit would be the base for an excellent GNU/Linux desktop computer. 16GB RAM with SATA(hard-disk) and USB 2.0 PORTS(why not USB 3.0?). It can be extended with an external GPU(Graphics Processing Unit) card which puts it in the same category of capabilities as IBM-PC Compatible Desktops, fan noise and all. With respect to noise, it has a power supply with a fan and the SOC itself has a fan also. If you get the GPU, that will also include a fan. This means perhaps you save on electricity, but the noise level increases to the same as AMD/Intel-based products. Perhaps ARM products have an electricity cost advantage at this point with 35% electricity savings, but be prepared to experience incompatibility with existing IBM-PC peripheral printers and scanners. Fedora and Ubuntu GNU/Linux are available now for it. HIGHLY-RECOMMENDED, but 200$ more expensive than comparable Intel/AMD products. Once the developer promo is over, it would be recommended to purchase Intel/AMD for the same capabilities at the most competitive price without taking a risk of peripheral incompatiblities.

Chaos Communication Congress (31C3) Tickets On Sale Online until December 10th

The Chaos Computer Club is Europe's most influential hacker collective organizing campaigns, events, lobbying and publications as well as anonymizing services and communication infrastructure. Chaos Communication Congress is an annual four-day conference on technology, society and utopia. The Congress offers a critical-creative attitude towards technology and the discussion about the effects of technological advances on society. Buy tickets to the latest event Chaos Communication Congress (31C3) while you can. Here is the itinerary aka halfnarp for 31C3. Here is a list of the 31C3 Speakers. Also scheduled is a viewing of the documentary CitizenFour.
UPDATE: 31C3 event has completed. There are 764 Official 31C3 Torrents(Video and Audio) available here for download.

The above presentations all try their best to hammer how important it is to not to take your privacy for granted and to take steps to protect it. Jacob Appelbaum made special mention about Tor, Pond and OTR(Off-The-Record) open-source software programs being effective while everything else about your privacy has been compromised.

Glenn Greenwald to speak in Ottawa Sponsored By OpenMedia

Pulitzer-prize winning journalist Glenn Greenwald is coming to Canada. He will speak about privacy, state surveillance, and its impact on Canadians at an event in downtown Ottawa sponsored by your OpenMedia.ca team and produced by Bill Owen of Eyestir Communications. WHERE: 440 Albert Street, Ottawa, ON, Canada. WHEN: Saturday October 25th, 6.30-8.30pm. TICKETS: $35 ($20 for seniors/students with ID).

Beware Of Hidden Costs For Home Bitcoin Mining

Oh it looks so enticing to mine bitcoins when you simply look at the price of the bitcoin mining equipment. Right now it ranges between 400 to 550$ for one AntMiner S3+ as an example. However there is more to it than that. When you get the boxes, they don't arrive with power cords and power supplies. Even if you do get a a power supply, you have to make sure you have the right connectors that can plug into the Antminer S3+ to power it up. The Antminer S3+ has 4 PCI+ female ports. That means you need 4 PCI-E connectors coming in, but the PSU Setup Guide for the S3+ on Antminer's Setup Guide is confusing the issue by stating you only need two connected, one on each side. BE VERY CAREFUL otherwise you blow up the antminer. Contact Antminer to confirm what the situation is. Ebizma.com lists the top shopping price comparison web sites for anything including pc parts. Prices vary so much on items and shipping. Be very careful with respect to local stores because they have been caught charging double the price found on the internet for small pc parts. It's ok to charge a markup for product to the locals, but charging double the price found on the internet is unacceptable and double-price markups are rampant so don't accept that and do shop around. Electricians charge roughly 40$ an hour in Ontario.
830240atx power supplies
13box standard size metal trombone paperclips
8648PC AC device Power Cord
810801 sata to 1 pci-e adapter
86481 single molex to 1 pci-e adapter
10660Cat 5 6ft ethernet cables
226525-port gigabit ethernet switches
440750Simpson Electric in Navan for an electrician to add 4 circuits, lay line and 12 X 2-plug mounts. 3 X 2-plug mounts per circuit. NOTE: 500CA monthly electricity bills when running 8 X Antminer S3+
1320MatrixIT.net for 50 Mbps DL/10 Mbps UL VDSL2 Internet Setup(dry-loop,static ip) Fee and Modem. Monthly fee is roughly 80CA monthly.
1650Cables Plus in Gloucester for laying out 300ft cable in a new location outside/inside household/building using external weatherproof burial cat5e gel cable. 2 installers for 3 hours.
This is not a quote for Adequatech.ca's services. This is simply to present a ball park figure as to how much it costs to have such a rig running in your home and it does not include my service fee for configuring and getting Bitcoin Mining Newbies up and running. So there you have it. If you go on the cheap and buy the less expensive stuff, expect more complexity and more setup time. To avoid the complexity and setup time, you might reconsider the AntMiner S4 Bitcoin Miner 2 TH/s is shipping Oct 10, which uses less accessories(less cables, less connectors, less power supplies and tweaking). Be warned, you will need an electrician to tweak your home circuits and wiring to accommodate the number or S3+ or S4 units you do decide to get because if you plug one into your home now, it will probably blow a fuse.
To book a Bitcoin Mining Setup appointment, EMAIL: email me: loongson@adequatech.caloongson@adequatech.ca or Call/SMS: 613.218.7497.

Firefly-RK3288 Development Board Runs Debian GNU/Linux

Emailed Firefly a few questions and here are their answers: "Mr. Huang Qiyong is VP of the company. We have years of development experience with Rockchip Soc, dating from the ancient MP3 era. The Firefly development board is powerful. Click here for the Firefly-RK3288 Spec. The price tag of our Firefly-RK3288 development board is USD 129 (without shipping). The performance is good. We have good service support and quick response. Our product has undertaken long time test. It is our first step into the open source world. We have passion and energy. Our team has full support from company and Rockchip (We have good relation with RK, and is one of the best design houses.) This is our first step into open source world. We are still learning. We're open ears to your suggestions." Why did you decide to support Lubuntu with LXDE Desktop instead of GNOME/KDE? Does LXDE support the most popular applications that most users would want? Libreoffice, evince(pdf reader), thunderbird, firefox? "The firmware file size is the main consideration. We try hard to cut down the desktop to under 1 GiB for easy distribution. The office apps can be easily installed by apt-get, and they run fine." Will you provide a repository for ubuntu packages built specifically for your device? "We can if it is necessary. Currently, we just use the Ubuntu official repository." I noticed there is no SATA interface to your dev board out-of-the-box. Are there plans to facilitate a rapid communication with a regular hard-drive? Does the USB 3.0 interface provide equivalent performance to SATA for using it as the main storage and operating system device? "RK3288 does not have SATA interface, nor the USB 3.0 interface. We suggest that using nfs (Network File System) or samba, sshfs, etc to mount the storage over the ethernet (Yes, the board has giga ethernet), which will save the budget and keep data safe." I would have honestly preferred GNOME Desktop because I really don't want to adjust to other applications. "In LXDE, the applications written with GTK or QT run equally fine. We'll have a demo of Gnome desktop once it is worked out."
If you buy this board, you will need some kind of storage drive on your local internet. I have no hesitation recommending this board considering their open-source position and prompt response to my emails. Their web site is clear and has documentation for installing GNU/Linux from downloadable images from their website.
UPDATE 15 December 2014: Firefly RK3288 Quad-Core Development Board with twice as much RAM is now shipping. This board has 4GB DDR3 RAM with 32GB eMMC. You can buy it here for US $212.37 which includes shipping.

Get Up To Speed With Google's Go Language(A.K.A. golang)

Discover the coolest programming language on the planet, Google's Go also known as "golang". Recommended reads:

Wandboard Quad Core boards run Debian GNU/Linux

Wandboard Quad Core Board Specs show SATA support and 2GB DDR3. DIGI-KEY has it for roughly 180$US. Get Debian running on it with these instructions.

UDOO Quad boards run Debian GNU/Linux

UDOO Quad show SATA support, 1GB DDR3 and costs roughly 135$US. Here are the Debian Wheezy armHF binaries and instructions for UDOO QUAD.

Novena Quad "Just the Board ($550)" runs Debian GNU/Linux

Novena is a 1.2GHz, Freescale quad-core ARM architecture computer closely coupled with a Xilinx FPGA. It's designed for users who care about Free Software and open source, and/or want to modify and extend their hardware: all the documentation for the PCBs is open and free to download, the entire OS is buildable from source, and it comes with a variety of features that facilitate rapid prototyping. The entry-level Novena "Just the Board ($550)" shows 4GiB of RAM, 4GiB microSD card, and an Ath9k-based PCIe wifi card and boots to Debian desktop over HDMI. They ship in November 2014.

Gigabyte BRIX Pro GB-BXi7-4770R(Intel i7-based) runs Debian GNU/Linux

The 672$CA Gigabyte BRIX Pro GB-BXi7-4770R. GREAT MINI-PC! HIGHLY-RECOMMENDED. Comes with all the bells and whistles you expect: impressive resolution/3D on HDMI, SPDIF audio, bluetooth, wifi, high-speed, and ultra-quiet. It runs best with Debian GNU/Linux "unstable" version containing the most recent updates for the intel graphics chipset.

Past Blog Posts

Click here to see past 2014 blog posts.

Travelling to Northern China? Checkout Changchun Landmarks

Four-day Tour in Changchun(长春) and Xianghai(xiànghǎiguójiāzìránbǎohùqū向海国家自然保护区)) is an understatement as to what wonderful experiences you can have in the Changchun region: Northeast Errenzhuan东北二人转, Jingyuetan National Forest Park (jìngyuètánguójiāsēnlíngōngyuán净月潭国家森林公园), Chagan Lake(Chágànhú查干湖/Shèngshuǐhú聖水湖), Miaoyin Temple, ChangBai Mountain(Chǎngbáishān长白山) and Heaven Lake(Tiānhú天湖). The food there is amazing. You can find restaurants serving memorable, fantastic foods from North Korea(Xin North Korea Cold Noodle Restaurant), Sìchuān四川(Laomashou Ganmian老妈手擀面), Germany(Golden Hands金汉斯(红旗街店)), Japan(Yoshinoya), and Huízú回族. These hotels prepare wonderful foods also: Redbuds Hotel, Chang Bai Shan Hotel, Shangri-La Hotel. Lots of ginseng that you buy in Canada comes from Changbaishan which isn't far from Changchun. Jilin Province is the largest producer of ginseng, producing 85 percent of the country's total and over 70 percent of the world's total amount. Shy Grass, Mushroom Wine, Chuan Popo Spicy Sichuan Sauce and other marvellous wonders can also be found at the Changchun Agricultural Fair. The best cartoon I have ever seen is 中華一番之滿漢傳奇(Zhōnghuá yī fān zhī mǎn hàn chuánqí) Cooking Master Boy 中華一番!(Chūka Ichiban!).

If it's not good for everyone, it's no good at all

Ubuntu Party's “If it’s not good for everyone, it’s no good at all.” does relate and fit in well to Adequatech's position and application towards Digital Freedoms, net-neutrality, censorship, open-source, accountability and transparency. Ubuntu Party's presentation states:
Most of our ancient cultures had a saying that “if it’s not good for everyone, it’s no good at all.” In Africa, they called it UBUNTU. But this philosophy was shared by hundreds if not thousands of ancient cultures all over the world.
नमस्कार एन्ग्लिश bonjour
Ubuntu Party is worthwhile for others to read about it, to reflect about it and to apply it.